It is time to get in a crafty mood. We start this section making a colourful pinwheel magnet. We are going to work with polymer clay because it is an easy an enjoyable material to work with. It gets hard when you bake it in an ordinary oven. Kids will love the outcome!
Polymer clay – 2 colours
A magnet
Card (just in case you don’t have a squared clay cutter)
A craft knife
A rolling pin
A squared (4 x 4 cm) clay cutter
A pencil (just in case you don’t have a squared clay cutter)
Scissors (just in case you don’t have a squared clay cutter)
If you don’t have a squared clay cutter, you can make your own template cutting out a 4 x 4 cm squared card. Once you have your template you are ready to start.
First, flatten out the two balls of polymer clay to 2mm with a rolling pin.
Place one sheet on the top of the other and roll them together. Do it softly, we just want them to stick together. 
Then, cut a square using a clay cutter or a template.
Cut the corners as it is shown in the picture and fold them down to the centre.
Roll a little ball and press it on the centre of the pinwheel.
Bake it at a low oven temperature to set it hard. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for precise temperatures. Normally, polymer clay is baked at 110º-130º for 5-8 minutes. Pay attention to the oven and be very careful because it gets dark soon!
Once our pinwheel has hardened and cooled, glue a magnet on the bottom of the pinwheel with a strong glue.
You can make more pinwheels in different sizes and colours following these steps. Use them to make paperclips, rings, hairclips, hairbands etc. 
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Marta Blasco, teacher at Kids&Us Universidad